Insert inevitable "ticket to ride" reference hereHello to anyone looking in. This is a blog about train journeys in different parts of Britain. It won’t be updated that frequently, so it’s not really a blog as such, but on the other hand it won’t be updated that infrequently. I’m using it as a place to write up trips that I make along railways around the country. Mostly, these accounts will be of journeys I make using rover tickets, like the one pictured. I don’t make these journeys every week, but when I do they usually last the best part of a week, and will probably take the best part of several weeks to document here. I hope you enjoy what you see. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Robert Hampton

    I have a excitingly mundane observation: I didn’t realise you could still buy Rovers on special ticket stock. Every Rover/Ranger ticket I’ve seen recently has been printed on the normal Orange blanks, with (for flexi-rovers) a second ticket with the date boxes to fill in. I’ve learned something already!

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